Retain women in the workplace

A strong presence of women is proven to be crucial for the success of a workplace. However, the pandemic and the mental health toll that's posed, has pushed many of them to resign in search for more fulfilling lives. To avoid the loss, companies are investing money in a number of supporting initiatives for the sake of retaining women talent and promoting their wellbeing and success within the workplace.

Silatha is tapping into this need and has developed a meditation and community program powered by an app to support companies in creating a healthy environment for women, by addressing their unique mental needs triggered by pregnancy, motherhood, female leadership, menopause and more.

We create an environment where women feel valued and understood

  • App with over 500 Tailor-made meditations
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Foster community – key in hybrid working models
  • Bring in experts on female leadership, menopause, pregnancy at work, etc
  • We provide companies with insights on key mental challenges within their organisation
  • HR teams can use the anonymous data from employees as part of their KPIs
  • Positive PR for companies, demonstrating their commitment to supporting their female employees

Ensuring she can effectively deal with her personal and professional challenges, so that women feel more fulfilled in their job, perform better and ultimately stay.